Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Report: May 14-27

I forgot to do this last week so I’m combining two weeks.

Trips -
MinusCar: 18
Multi-occupant Auto: 11
Single occupant Auto: 5
Destinations: 57

A couple of these trips are to my new favorite coffee shop – Dunn Brothers Coffee. The ride is a nice way to get 30 miles in and reacquaint myself with parts of the city. They are displaying local cartoonist art for May.

My Car Miles: 55
My Bike Miles: 147


SD_pedalpower said...

Is this the one on the East side by Wally World? I used to work with the owners, both in different shops in town. I could tell you some stories about the cartoonist but that's for another place and time. said...

Aren't you worried about the children? You know...the children of big oil executives. As long as you are cycling more than you are driving, you are taking food from the mouths of these underprivileged babes.

thE_kErnEl said...

yeah, what dailytoil said

mytzpyk said...

Sorry DT and TK. I won't take financial responsibility for the children of oil executives - any more than I take financial responsibility for the children of tobacco industry executives (by smoking more) or the children of the drug dealer down the street (by using drugs).

I am responsible for diverting $2200 annually from the man who services my automobile. He’s been the service guy for every car I’ve owned. He’s the service guy for The Dad since before I was driving.

After not visiting him for 18 months he mentions The Dad’s told him about The MinusCar Project and how cool it is that I’m using a vehicle less. The next time I see him he tells me about a national automotive technician forum where the hot topic is the (lack of) necessity for the 3 month/3,000 oil change – and the related consumption issues. The third time I visited him he’s looking at solar panels in a catalog.

I think there are more important things than money…like relationships. But that’s just me.

SiouxGeonz said...

I became really, really car-lite last week - I sold my car to my brother, who is turning it into a taxicab on the Beast Coast. Haven't said I won't get another one (but since I charged him ... well, what you charge your brother who's getting by as a hack and tends to adopt strays... it would do well for that money to get a little interest in the bank between now and then). Since I was already completely at the "weather forecast: what do I wear?" (as opposed to "what will I drive?") it hasn't been too hard of a transition...