Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Report: May 7 - 13

Did you participate in the gas boycott on Tuesday? I did too. Well, actually my current gas boycott is 39 days. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t buy gas on Tuesday because you topped off on Monday or filled up before you ran out today. Want to drive down demand? Comsume less. Want to really drive down demand? Comsume less - of everything.

Ride a bike.

Trips -
MinusCar: 14
Multi-occupant Auto: 2
Single occupant Auto: 2
Destinations: 31

I tossed up some good numbers this week. My LBS put together my new bike. I had to drive to the big FAB member meeting. Rode the doughnut ride and met the BikingBrady blogger from Verm-town. Did he come all the way here just to ride with us? Noap. Friday night, enjoyed some downtown enchiladas in the presence of a guy named S@nford, and saw Mr. Bite heading home from a Friday night ride. The Mom was more thrilled with the Snakebite spotting than The S@nford.

My Car Miles: 29
My Bike Miles: 87

Bike To Work day is in two days.



Snakebite said...

Dude - was at "The Park" today with The Owner. After we were told "no bike racks" a few weeks ago I saw three there today!

this single spark said...

Hope Bike to Work day was a success. In solidarity, I hopped on my two wheels and cruised to my job. Okay, not exactly in solidarity, since that's what I usually do, but was thinking about y'all in Sioux Falls and hoping you were having better weather than us!

Jeff Moser said...

Gas Boycott...So what you're saying is, is that if I gas my Hummer up on a different day and drive it just as much, it won't affect gas prices? You must be one of those glass-half-empty guys.

I had 90 bicycle commuter miles for Bike to Work Week. I feel pretty good about that!