Thursday, May 08, 2008

Forest Finds Favor

Remember Forest Halford? My favorite bicyclist in Kentucky? The one who wrote MinusCar Essay #15? Here's a reminder -

"I've learned that the bicycle is the natural enemy of impulse buying. My previous dreams of new cars, large houses, and secluded lots far out in suburbia have morphed into dreams of simple, chemical free living with plenty of time to enjoy life. I've learned that I can live without a dryer, that it's okay to sweat in summer. I've learned to appreciate the chill of winter. I’ve discovered my neighbors and we know each other by name. I’ve learned that I’m not meant to go fast, that going slow gets me there just as quickly. I’ve learned to live more deliberately with less."

Still beautiful words.

Forest found his way into the Western Kentucky University newspaper last week. That's where the photo is from.

"He rode through a cemetery. He said he loves riding through cemeteries. It always puts things into perspective," he said. Reminds me of the last Snakebite/FAB Scavenger Hunt.


Snakebite said...

Is that the dude who rode an Xtracycle on RAGBRAI last year? I found the bike, but not the owner of it in a pass through town on the first day. Or, is that someone completely different?

mytzpyk said...

Yes, it is the dude. No, it is not someone different.