Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where Were We?!

The Wife has some time off. I got home after work last night and took this picture. I'm so lucky to have a wife that likes to play along.

Before a couple days ago I'd never heard of Mark Bittman. Today I know two things about him. He has a TED Talk and a very short Wikipedia page. I especially hadn't heard of him before I posted my first thoughts on food.

But now I have. And I like him. Because as it turns out, he agrees with me...erm, I agree with him. Really, talk about giving up meat, or the best sort of meat, or the best diet...but isn't my current crisis really about over consumption of just plain everything? How about I start with a 2,000 calorie diet and see what sort of effect that has on the amount of meat I consume?

Here's Mark - it's 20 minutes so I grilled up a big slab corn fed beef to enjoy while I watched. If you cared enough to give me life advice in food post #1, please - watch this.

"What's wrong with what we eat"

"To suggest that, in the interest of personal and human health, Americans eat 50% less meat? It's not enough of a cut, but it's a start. It would seem absurd, but that's exactly what should happen. And what progressive people, forward thinking people should be doing and advocating, along with a corresponding increase in the consumpton of plants...

...I'll never stop eating animals I'm sure, but I do think for the benefit of everyone, the time has come to stop raising them industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly."
This week we planted peas and beans. Beginning tomorrow I'll warm up my shower by filling a bucket to take outside and pour on the potted cherry tomatos. We fenced the garden and I'm determined to take better care of the tomatos this year.

Soon most of the fields this city will fill up with corn. Believe me, I understand the importance of corn. It's similar to the importance of the automobile. I also heard Mark Bittman talk about the family farm.

Here's a preview for a new movie, King Corn.

And then dinner tonight.

It's overexposed - someone's been messing with my camera. I think it was me. I've made adjustments.


sararah said...

I love Mark Bittman -- I have his cookbook "How to cook everything" and he also has a vegetarian version out now although I haven't gotten into it. "How to cook everything" still has an extensive section on just about every fruit and vegetable available, and it often starts with a simple recipe and offers up several variations or sides to serve with it. Anyways, it is my new favorite cookbook. I may or may not peruse it just before going to sleep :)

mytzpyk said...

Excellent. I will seek out both books. We have a big pile of them as we try to find things to make with the abundance of veggies we imagine we'll be getting.

Thank you.

Eric A. said...

Don't think of it as a diet, you will be doomed to fail. Think of it as a lifestyle/behavioral change, for the better you. That enables you to succeed. I like where your thoughts are going with your food comsumptions.
(I'm taking notes and getting ideas)

mytzpyk said...


"The MinusCar Project exists because I believe people that think that the globe is warming because of human activity, specifically carbon emitting human activity, might be right. Because I think they might be right, I think humans need to change. And because I think humans need to change, I think I need to change."

Remember September 5, 2005?