Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two More Working Days Till Monday

1. I think it's funny - every four years the news stories report the losing party in the presidential election is so far gone there's no hope for it to recover.

This is Sunday's news shows in 4 minutes. I can summarize that in eleven words.

How much trouble is the GOP in? None. Some. A lot.

2. The car culture is closer to dying than most anybody would have believed or imagined just one month ago. It's probably not going to go before the government wastes billions of my dollars trying to save it. Do I think we should let the big three go down? No, not without something to step in and take its place. There isn't something to take it's place. Why not?


There's still 67 days till inauguration. That should be enough time for this administration to piece together one single national automobile manufacturer. Let's call it ThePeoplesWagon - or something like that.

3. There have been a few articles decrying the possibility that our current economic downturn will have a very detrimental effect on efforts to mitigate climate change. I think they're wrong.

I think it's fallacious to think the best way to effect climate change is to spend more to consume more to use more energy to cut down on carbon emissions. Even if it is more fun that way. I think it's more likely that spending less, consuming less and using less energy is a more realistic solution. More painful. More realistic.

Ironically my vision of a climate change solution looks a lot like what some of the actual effects of climate change will bring - which I suppose is a strong argument against doing anything except...

...ironically the reality of the world today looks a lot like what some of the actual effects of climate change will bring...

...which I think means we actually are doing something, which I think proves my belief...


Lucky I don't have to run for office on this logic.

4. The Fat Cyclist is going to try to win the LiveStrong Challenge this year. He will form Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan and dollars donated to the LAF through his team will be credited to the team.

I'm going to participate. If you're reading this you should to. It all begins 12/1 - here's his preliminary descriptive post.

5. Kip Winger released a new album this fall.


SD_pedalpower said...


Are you saying you are a Conserve-ative?

I share some of your feelings. I don't believe the way to "green" change is by consuming more or calling something green or recycled and we end up using more energy to put that type of label to it.

I don't think GOP or DEM will ever die and I think people will want change for changes sake rather that people who are going to do the best job for country.

That being said, I voted for that dude that rimes with yo-mama. I'm nervous, but hopeful.

mytzpyk said...

"I'm nervous, but hopeful."


SiouxGeonz said...

I hear that even with gas prices back down people need the money elsewhere. Just maybe, maybe people will start thinking "maybe I don't *need* all this stuff?"