Saturday, November 08, 2008

Today's C & D Brought To You... the letters B & G.

Sometimes I think we should just rename the ride to The Biscuits and Gravy Ride. Two hearty rollers joined me today. Between the two of them there were a whopping 5 g's and 2 b's in their names.

How could we not got for Michelle's B's and G's.

But we didn't go directly there. First we went north into the 16 degree windchill. We briefly toured Veteran's Memorial Park. Here The Mayor reads of one soldier's Medal of Honor deserving story of extreme bravery.

A little west and south and we discovered Michelle's hadn't moved from where it was two weeks ago, and the biscuits and gravy hadn't changed either.

Back into the cold we utilised the MUP as the group (such as it was) disintegrated and I found my way to Caribou for an actual doughnut and a newspaper whilst I awaited the arrival of The Family to begin the day's activities.

Today's route:


Anonymous said...

Another fun ride! I can sure tell I have the studded snows on ol Shrek though, puff, pant, spin spin spin, are we there yet? ;)

Charisa said...

I like your "minus-the-car" idea and have actually blogged about it today. Really would like to lose my car and haven't quite figured it out 100% yet :)