Monday, November 24, 2008

“Let Families Decide"

…is the organized mantra for those opposed to the most recent South Dakota legislative solution to reduce or eliminate abortions.

This morning I was cut off by a fellow citizen. As I waited behind them at the red light queue, after briefly attempting to occupy the same space on the roadway, I took the opportunity to enjoy and ponder their vast array of informative bumper stickers. Apparently I share many of their political preferences. I terribly regret not getting a cell phone photo of the car for you dear reader.

I would like to point out however, that we seem to have sharply differing views on the need to clear frost from vehicle windows.

I suppose I just can’t fully understand the situation given that I simply blink and my windows become frost free. They were probably late for work and getting to that red light ahead of me may have seemed really important just moments prior.

As they pushed me out of my lane I keenly observed the completely frost blinded passenger side windows and understood I was out of sight and (probably) out of (my) mind. As I waited behind them and peered through the Venetian blind effect of the just recently activated rear window defrost I realized this truth…

I strongly support your right to choose for yourself how you clear frost from your windows – but at the same time I strongly urge you to please give your decision the thoughtfulness and gravity a life and death decision deserves.

I'm just saying.


Charisa said...

Be careful of those frosty cars! And I'm still SOOOOO impressed you guys in South Dakota bike commute all the time - you seriously rock!

SD_pedalpower said...

You are my NEW favorite (pundit)

Nicely written. Write and ride on.

Anonymous said...

You have more patience than I.
I would have ridden up to the frosty window and written a mirror image one word message for them.
It would have had one vowel and two esses.

db said...

Yep, starting to see windshields with just a little port-hole scraped out of them during the 20-degree mornings. What are they, U-boats?

DIRK said...

Wow, never thought of that. That's because I have been a wuss and not riding. Be careful out there. Dark mornings, evenings and frosty windows could be trouble.
I suggest you carry a small scraper and take care of a window for them at the red light.
They would drive away thinking, "Geez that nice bum has a nice bike" :)

Anonymous said...

In Michigan, we called them Igloo Pilots.