Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend Update

Wednesday I described The Saturday Plan with some work mates. Upon running down the itinery:

Theodore Wirth Park
Central Library
Soo Visual Arts Center
Weisman Art Museum
The Soap Factory
The Guthrie Theater

- one freshly transplanted former Minneapolis resident thought simply driving from place to place seemed exhausting. That's the thing isn't it. Driving. It ruins a perfectly good day in a modern city. I recommend doing it without driving.

Google Maps : Directions : By Public Transit.

iTouch - load it up with .jpg's of the maps.

Cell phone - to call Metro Transit NexTrip.


db said...

Yeah, having been in St. Paul a month ago, driving around there can be exhausting. We kept our car trips to a minimum.

Curtis said...

You're still doin' it. That is awesome!!!!