Thursday, June 04, 2009


I forgot to mention the herb garden we obtained a few weeks ago. My understanding is we snip some flavor from this and it just keeps growing and making more flavor throughout the year.

There are seven 'erbs 'ere. I can't find the list though. Sorry.


Eric A. said...

I see Parsley , and maybe Dill. I cant make out the others. :)

FunkyMama said...

ooh, plant id'ing! a challenge?

i spy basil (roundish leaves, center)... i be growin' some, too.

i spy chives (lower right, look like onion tops). fabulous in mashed potatoes.

oh, and could that be rosemary top center? or thyme?

parsley, i agree, to the center right. i never appreciated parsley until i grew my own.

i'm stumped, off-hand, on the other two.

mytzpyk said...

Ya can't make an herb garden without:

parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Also there's basil, chive and lemongrass.

this single spark said...

The one on the bottom left looks more like oregano or marjoram than sage. But either way... good stuff!