Thursday, June 04, 2009

It Was Bound To Happen...

This morning I faced a particularly interesting day. Today would be my first opportunity to pick up The Boys from the venue that contains their daily summer experience. Essentially today would define the routine for how to pickup without a car.

I presented some options the night before and we agreed that we'd catch the bus and get home that way, this time. So far they weren't interesting in a bike related solution.

The plan...

1. ride bike to venue. What if I can't get away from work on time? I left work with time to spare.

2. catch same bus I normally catch from work but much earlier in the route. What if we can't get to the stop on time? We made the stop with 15 minutes to spare.

3. that bus I usually catch is chronically late. What if we don't make the transfer to the second bus? Upon boarding I said we need this next bus. We'll be fine the driver said. What he meant was he really likes to have an excuse to drive fast!

What if!?! What if!?!

Our bus was late. Our driver made a valiant and successful attempt to hold our transfer.

I never considered that both spaces on the bus bike rack might be in use? They were.

On some level I'm supposed to think this is a good problem to have. I remember this as if it were May 23, 2005, "this city has taken a progressive step. For the first time ever, busses will be equipped with bike carriers on the front of the bus. This is one of many inspirations for this summer experiment, and realistically makes the experiment possible at all."

The answer to the question what if? $16 for a taxi. That's a big difference from the $1 we had already paid for the ride home. Next time I'll push harder for the driver to let me board with the bike.

Now I have another reason to sympathize with individuals who have no other alternative than to ride the bus.


Anonymous said...

Please don't give up.
You and your family are an inspiration to the rest of us!

Eric A. said...

How often to you find the bus bike racks full ? Maybe they need 3fers ?

mytzpyk said...

HM - I'm having too much fun to quit.

EA - I rarely put my bike on a bus. It's way more convienient to just ride it. I've never expireienced the full rack before. I think it was new for the driver too.

Marrock said...

A bus is just a big metal box full of stupid and stink... wouldn't be caught dead on one.

mytzpyk said...

Excellent - I might need your spot someday.