Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Impact Man Writes What I've Been Thinking

Today I engaged in an e-mail conversation with one of the local usual suspects. I was writing about local "green" efforts. If I had to guess I'd say the Sioux Falls Green Project has the most financial potential - the most resources to have the most impact.

Beginning with the give away of reusable plastic drinking bottles at an SFGP event. Continuing with my SFGP tagged Novak recycling container that rewards me with points for recycling. If I recycle enough I can acquire coupons wherein I spend $100 and get "rewarded" with $10 off. I have to earn my rewards by consuming 90%.

I'm frustrated.

Tonight I caught up with some blog reading and found No Impact Man putting words to my frustrations:

"Everyone was frenetically networking and Blackberrying and iPhoning [at a green business conference] just as they would at any business conference. Everyone was tired. Increased revenue--at least for many--seemed to be the measure of success."

He also wrote this:

"So-called 'green business' probably is not going to offer people the satisfaction and meaning we all crave. Keeping the live-to-work paradigm while manufacturing everything with 'sustainable' materials is not going to give us time to spend with the people we love for example. It's a good thing, but it's not going to offer real human satisfaction."

Yes. It's not.

His full post is here.

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