Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Too Busy To Ride?"

I started the day thinking how much I like it that "I gotta go to work" equates to "I'm going for a bike ride."

The day only got better.

My trip home this evening looks a little like Family Circus. Some of it went a little like this...

Start down there at the bottom left. Go to the bank for a FAB deposit.

Head north to meet Craig to co-sign a FAB check to the Health Department for FABRAD food service license.

Head east while coordinating via text message an August trip to MPLS. Between The Pastor, and another pastor and KT we've got it booked.

Take a call from The Dad. He's somewhere on the east side of the city thinking he saw me stranded with a broken bike. Noap. I'm west side and doing fine.

Head into downtown with Mama's Ladas on the brain. I note I'm sharing the Main Street sharrow with another rider. A red light gives me a moment for clarity. I'm sharing with The Dad. He's two blocks ahead with green lights as far as I can see.

Hi The Dad! Mama's Ladas takes precedence, besides I doubt a catch was in the cards. How many miles is that for the year for you?

Mama's Ladas, where all they want to know when you order is beef or chicken - and I didn't even have to go to that effort. They brought me my chicken, chips, Sprite and water.

Now south to Staples to pick up the FABRAD ads to deliver tomorrow to the Beresford 125k for packet stuffing and ride time display. I love Staples Print/Copy center. I placed the order at 3pm, it was ready by 5:30.

Back north a kid races me up the street. Why you going so fast? I got places to go. I think it was a fair race. I'm riding a 32x15 single speed today. Cruising speed 15, max speed probably 18mph at 110rpm. I gotta go slow because any increase effort might leave me smelling less than dainty for the ladies at Caribou Coffee...

...where I met with a few singletrack builders. We set some goals. Meet The City in two weeks to get approval of the neighborhood presentation. Present to the neighborhood by the end of the month.

While there Tez arrived and delivered me some FAB registrations, FABRAD registrations and some jersey orders. Guess I gotta go for another bike ride to the bank. I don't think she noticed that I tried to stay dainty smelling for her.

Finally, the recreational portion of the evening. Follow Snakebite back downtown and take the MUP the long way home.

The map ends.

I think I'm just a couple tasks short of being able to say I'm too busy to ride.

Just kidding...I really don't make any effort to smell dainty for the ladies.

34.5 miles.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun filled, action packed day. Mine was boring. Oh, I did do the WW ride with only one foot clipped in. . . .

Bald-n-Surly said...

I was pretty sure that I saw you on the levee behind Carino's last night but I can see from the map that wasn't the case. Man, I'm glad that's cleared up.

mytzpyk said...

The map doesn't show if I wanted to keep it a secret that I was behind Carino's last night I wouldn't put it on the map.

Was it 9pm +- 20 minutes? I was there.

Tez said...

Dainty smell? Why do you think I left so quickly! hahaha - I kid!

Marrock said...

I you don't smell funky you ain't riding!

Bald_n_Surly said...

Yeah, that was you then. I thought that looked like your bag. Kind of sad when you recognize a dude by his luggage, but that's what we're left with.