Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Busy To Drive?

I didn't accomplish as much today as I did last time I posted about being "too busy to ride."

The day began with some careful planning. In the messenger bag went work clothes, workout clothes, post-work meeting clothes, and post-meeting club ride clothes.

True, it takes some deliberate planning to pull this kind of thing off.

I made a game time decision to cancel the workout after a some work meeting schedule encroachment. Bonus that the workout clothes go into the desk then. I don't have to carry them home (wet) and I don't have to carry them to work next time.

Left work for the CAC meeting of the MPO which is at SECOG. The best two things in that meeting were,

#1 - 4,800,000 miles are driven in Sioux Falls everyday.
#2 - is the punch line. Read to the end.

Two hours later arrive at Nutty's, where the nuts are, and enjoy a Fat Tire Ale and some peanuts to (fuel up for the coming ride) honor the departure of a good friend from work. The good turn out of current and former workmates indicate she's a good friend to many.

Depart there and head over to FAB's Wandering Wednesday Ride. Rode with The Owner and the leader and another. I don't ride in groups very often but I always leave group rides remembering how fun it is.

Post ride meal with The Owner. After filling up with 'Doba Ancho Chile BBQ Burrito he was in no condition to decline my request to drive me the remainder of the way home.

It was a 44 mile day for me.

In the CAC meeting I learned that 22,000 hours are spent each day on Sioux Falls roadways idling. Sitting there. Buring gas. Making no progress.

So there it is...I simply don't have time to drive.


Snakebite said...

Yabba dabba doo!

Maybe I should fill out the app for the committee. I'm feeling kind of "militant" these days.....

Eric A. said...

Now being an outsider , looking in.
I am not sure why anyone who lives in town would want to spend their time idling in traffic.
While I miss riding to work.. I dont miss the noise and idiot drivers.