Friday, July 03, 2009

Does Your Traffic Engineer Know You're There?

It's the law: "Every person driving a bicycle shall have all of the rights and all the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle by this Code..."

I assume vehicle drivers have a right to expect functioning traffic control devices.

I assume The City is breaking the law with their prevalent use of vehicle sensors at intersections that fail to detect bicycles.

I assume The City contributes to the behavior problem of red light running cyclists by systematically failing to acknowledge their presence at intersections.

I assume the behavior problem of red light running cyclists contributes to the behavior problem of red light running motorists.

...of which there have been more than 8 a day in 2009 at our famously camera monitored intersection.


Dear Traffic Engineers:

Saturday I noted improved vehicle sensors at 18th & Southeastern Drive. Thank you.

Wednesday I attempted a legal left turn with my bicycle off 12th Street to the south bound sharrow on Main Ave. The vehicle sensor failed to detect my presence. I was unable to identify the sensor placement in the roadway.

In this situation the police department recommends a right turn and alternate route. I was in the left turn lane and a right turn would have me going the wrong way on a one-way street. I chose to break one law instead of two and performed a left turn against the red light.

Please consider placement indicators for vehicles that aren’t automobiles at this intersection.

Thank you.


The following intersections have been improved for motorcycles and bicycles in 2009:

22nd & Lake
26th & Lake
41st & West
32nd & Sertoma
3rd & Cliff
8th & West
22nd & Western
37th & Western
37th & Kiwanis
26th & 4th
18th & Southeastern

The following have been requested and may be complete:

26th & Center
12th & Main Ave
18th & Summit
37th & Minnesota
26th & Grange

Improved intersections look something like this:

In addition to the paint (which is temporary) the sensitivity of the detection device has been increased (which is not necessarily permanent).


SD_pedalpower said...

I was thinking along the same lines as I was waiting for a light that never turned. Seems if a coalition had money they could sue the city to follow their own laws. That is what I was thinking. Your approach is better.

Bald_n_Surly said...

I either need to print out that list and tape it to my bars or just keep running the damn lights. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Spoke-N-Sport said...

I actually saw them testing the signals at 37th and Minnesota. I am very excited.

Spoke-N-Sport said...

Be careful when you hit a red light in a school zone (and other signed areas) where you can't turn right on red. You might have to wait a while.