Monday, July 27, 2009

Hydroplane Crash: Driver Walks Away!

I first saw this on a walk by TV Foxnews report: Hydroplane crash, driver walks away. That sounds pretty remarkable. I hope there's video.

Then I saw in this article "Driver J. Michael Kelly made it out of the escape hatch and in his words, 'Pretty much walked away unscratched.'" REALLY! Now I must find out more. A hydroplane crash that the driver walks away from. Surely this news is all over the internets!

Turns out there aren't very many articles. And those that do exist are exclusively focused on the crash and its lack of injury. There's hardly any information about how he exited the boat and walked away.

Unbelievable. Even this video is cut in such a manner that you can't see him walking away. Seems like the mass media never gets the important parts of the story.



Anonymous said...

Those boats are made to withstand those sorta of crashes though. They happen all the time. The wings of the boat usually break off leaving the driver in a small protected, reinforced pod designed to be able to float on its own until the rescue boat can get to it.

mgr said...

That would indeed be something to see.

2whls3spds said...

HE CAN WALK ON WATER?!?!?! I only thought one man had done that in the history of the world. ;-)