Wednesday, July 08, 2009

This Is Not Vandalism

I met the dainty smelling fellas at Caribou again tonight. We talked singletrack and agreed we're ready to put our dog and pony show up for park's approval. I'm not saying who's the dog and who's the pony.

On the way to the meeting I checked out 12th & Main. Last week I reported my bicycle left on red to the city. Today I noticed it's up and now serving left turns even to bicycles.

I also rolled through 26th and Center and noticed it has been improved. An automobile shared the intersection with me so I was unable to confirm its bicycle only functionality.

As noted in an earlier comment The Owner indicates the 37th and Minnesota Ave received attention this week.

It's still true - if you make your streets more bike friendly then your streets will be more bike friendly.

I invite other local cyclists to play along. First you must ride your bicycle in the city. Next, ride enough to identify an intersection where the light won't change for bicycles. Finally report it here on the city's website.

I wonder how long it will take to get that spray painted q-tip thing changed to something along the lines of this.


Snakebite said...

When I see a q-tip like that I usually roll down my window and shout at it to get off the road.

Eric A. said...

Thanks for making Sioux Falls a better place Mike.

DIRK said...

Those signs at intersections might also raise awareness of drivers to cyclists on the streets.
Or, it will remind them to roll down their windows to yell.

Yo, Snakebite. When did you put windows on the Big Dummy? ;)

FunkyMama said...

yeah - i surely wouldn't understand the q-tip graffiti ... unless i read your blog, and i read your blog, so i can't plead ignorance now ...