Monday, April 19, 2010

0419 Transportation Donut

Times fun when you're having flies...and I'm a bit behind in my donut quota. Here's the catch-up. From 3/29 thru 4/18.

Sunday! We Boyses headed into downtown with The Wife to do some necessary Sunday tasks related to her job. She rode her bike, I pulled The Boys on the trail-a-bike equipped tandem.

The Boy 8 sits at the back, he's engine #3. The Boy 12 is in the middle, he's engine #2 and The Communicator. I'm engine #1. The Communicator is an important job. He's the conduit for communication between engine #1 and engine #3...because sometimes The Boy 8 cares not to answer questions like, "Hey The Boy 8, are you still attached?"

Maybe he's a little off-put because I call him The Boy 8. Maybe I don't actually call him that.

On the way back we stopped off at the B&G Milky Way for some much needed lunch and some ice cream themed treats. I'm pretty sure the best way to enjoy ice cream themed treats is to ride a bike to fetch them and eat them whilst sitting in grass.

Maybe that's just me.

The Wife set the pace and it was a nice pace. She cheated a little bit though because we ended up racing the last couple blocks home, much to the delight of my passengers.

If she's doing that she's leaving too much in the tank. ;-)

I also think this trip was a darn fine way to spend four hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Maybe that's just me.

In other news I'm 2/3 done leading a group through the LAB Traffic Skills 101 course. First time. Good time.

I see on the SDBC website I have a TS101 gig in Spearfish next month.

Yes indeed - this is the time where the activist gets involved at the state level and finds himself driving all over. I look forward to having a couple more certified folks in the state so I can stay closer to home.

I have no doubt I'll enjoy Spearfish...and I'll be taking the mountain bike. Maybe a preview of some Dakota Five-O course at least.


Eric A. said...

I highly recommend the Tinton Trail , or the Old Baldy loop, if you havent had the pleasure before.

FunkyMama said...

look me up on your way through to Spearfish if you'd like. i really want someone to take me up on the pie & coffee offer sometime.

btw, this is a good one. and, no, it's not just you. bicycling and ice cream, i think, are BFFs.

Bald-n-Surly said...

B&G rocks.