Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plain Green '10

The MinusCar Project is pleased to be listed at a friend of the Plain Green Conference. Right there on the same list as Xcel Energy, Sioux Falls Seminary and SAM - that's Sioux Area Metro to you!

It's next week and I'm going because...

1. Transforming Highway Commercial Strips into Mixed-Use Corridors - imagine a less crappy 41st Street.

2. Designing a Home-Scale Food Forest - because I want to be a more effective gardener with a more effective garden.

3. Protecting Open Space Networks through Conservation Design - I only THINK I know what this means - and I THINK I'll like it.

4. Opening Keynote: Twelve Terrific Tools to Help Us Save the Planet and Set Us Free - because when I asked him if he'd come to Plain Green he said yes!

5. Global Warming: What Can Old Ice from Antarctica Tell Us - why should I listen to characterizations of scientists doing climate change work when I can listen to a character actually doing climate change work?

6. Urban Agriculture as a Tool for Community Change - what if our community gardens went to eleven.

7. Environmental Stewardship and the World’s Poor - from the Evangelical Environmental Network - it's those church-people those other church-people warned you about - so sign me up.

All that and I didn't even mention the world class main day keynote speakers Cameron Sinclair and Mitchell Joachim.


Snakebite said...

I wish I could go. But, you'll be presenting the "short course" of the conference, correct?

FunkyMama said...

I agree with Snakebite ... :)