Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confusion The Checker

I accompanied The Boy 8 to school this morning. I love that. He's a confident kid and it shows in his riding. Very nice.

Then I stopped off at the grocer to pick up some items. I suppose it was a bit confusing for the woman as we talked about riding and the rain that seemed to stop just for me.

I suppose it was the 8 cans (2 spicy) of V8, the three bananas and the 8 frozen dinners I purchased that seemed a little incongruous to her.

It's ok ma'am, I have a very long bike.


gad2357 said...

"Would you like a little bag for those?" That's what I get asked almost everywhere I stop to purchase a few items when riding my bike. And, it's always a little bag!

SiouxGeonz said...

I bring my own bags -- those nation-sized blobs of plastic in the ocean will have one fewer bag from me... and it might be the other half dozenXtras in the neighborhood, but I rarely get comments.