Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birds Of A Feather...

When I arrived at work today I found this in my inbox: "A bike commuter on W 12 Street, between I29 and the Battleship, was passed too closely. Dave reported that the van went past too close (and put up his hands 8 inches apart). The Bicyclist followed with all manner of hand signals."

When I returned home today I found this in my inbox: "I just rode my bike home in this winter wonderland....and it was awesome. Did you?"

The truth is I didn't. The larger truth...reads more like excuses.

Sometimes the truth hurts. "I am having fun with the winter riding, but it's not worth losing toes. And I am not as crazy as the MinusCar..." The truth is mostly MinusCar isn't even suiting up for the games.

Last weeks miles:
Walking: 4.94
Multi-Occupant Auto: 38.21
Single-Occupant Auto: 55.46


I want back in. Michael Jordan's sage advice from a gazillion years ago to the delinquent deviant and destructive Dennis Rodman has been playing in my head lots today. All the experiences you're able to have off the court are made possible by your performance in the game. If that suffers, you suffer.

The other truth is I WAS in the game today. The multi-occupant auto ride downtown with The Wife. The Bus trip to work. I exited The Bus a half mile early because my feet needed to move and my face needed to feel all 5 degrees in the air.

The post work wait in the winter wonderland. The winter weather delayed bus that failed to deliver me to my transfer. The call to the ever so patient and supportive The Wife to come rescue me.


Whether or not this is the proverbial "I'm back and I promise to be a better blogger" post, depends heavily upon how much time passes between this post and the next and the next.

Instead I'm making this post a thank you to the community I find myself in and the community I find in my inbox.

To The Dad who Saturday won the first ever FAB Humanitarian award for bike advocacy and couldn't carry it home because he'd ridden his bike.

To the Bald-n-Surly one who, if he wasn't the wildly gesturing cyclist mentioned in the opener, might as well have been.

To Dirk who may be just now learning the truth about who's the crazy one.

To Val who recognizes winter wonderland when she's riding in it.

To Terry who I've never ever had a cycling conversation with but Facebook says he rides.

To Atom who is going on day 12 without a car (excepting Mondays) and may still be peeling his face off after a rather cold day a week or so ago.

To CycleSD who has mostly forsaken this virtual world and exists solely in the world where people bleed. (Check your Twitter account - I want to meet you for lunch. I need to hear stories.)

To the dude on the motor scooter navigating the 49th & Louise intersection with two legs outrigging the machine.

Who'd I miss?

Save me some space as far as practicable to the right side of the road.


Bald-n-Surly said...

Thanks dude. You're still my inspiration.

Odds are good that was me Tuesday. For some reason, people were a little more aggressive than normal this week.

Terry Mashek said...

Thanks for the props. I was sitting here with a sore throat thinking that maybe I shouldn't ride today in the negative temps and the 25 mph winds. I think you just guilted me into it. :)