Monday, January 24, 2011

Open House: 2011 Bike Trail Closures

Almost half of the bike trail will be closed this summer. Some parts for very long periods of time. There's going to be an open house Wednesday to discuss it.

January 26 from 5:00 to 6:30 at Morningside Community Center. There will be a presentation at 5:30pm.


The downtown greenway project is very exciting to me. Making the riverfront accessible on the east side. In a world that lacks public space - we're getting a little addition.

The sewer system upgrade will mean less poo. After dumping copious amounts in the river last summer The City is ambitiously deciding to fix the problem all at once. From downtown to the lift station the trail will be closed. A very long distance for a very long time. Any complainers get a bucket of poo specially delivered.

Finally the flood control project. Can we just get this done already? Please.


Frustrated and afraid that this will leave only roads to ride on?

April 28, 29 & 30. Traffic Skills 101 will be available for adults through the school district.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Omaha and looking for other bike trails in the region to visit. Too bad there's so much construction going on this year. Feel for you bikers in Sioux Falls.

mytzpyk said...

Omaha Bikes!

Come summer 2012 - half of our bike trail will be freshly paved! 20 miles - all within the city - when it's all intact.

Guy Gregory said...


Ohhhh MAN!!! That bites. Last summer I hardly hit the trail because the city was constructing the new 41st Street Bridg and now this? The last time I rode the entire trail was the summer of 2009. You would think they could pave shorter portions of the trail.

Snakebite said...

Not to worry (too much) out-of-towners! Bring thy mountain bikes! We'll be opening sections of the Leaders Park singletrack throughout the year!!!

mytzpyk said...

Hey Guy!

I want to let you know that there is a Sioux Falls Bike Committee that meets to review and ask questions related to trail closures and alternate routing - and other city related items.

Sam in planning schedules the meetings. 12-ish people show up. All are welcome.

mytzpyk said...

Guy, I'm an idiot.

This open house is the exact place - or one of many opportunities - to offer feedback and ask those questions.

Mike from Omaha said...

Snakebite - I'm finding some info on the single track and that looks very cool. Any additional info out there on current/planned length and where the trailhead is? Never been to Sioux Falls so I don't know the area at all. Thanks.

Snakebite said...

Mike - the trailhead will be at the Northwest corner of East 6th St and I-229. It should be easy to find. My estimate is we'll get about four miles of trail in this little park. There will be a easy loop, an intermediate, and a harder loop. By early summer at least one of the loops will be open and maybe two. Find us / it.