Monday, January 24, 2011

How Do You Get Anything Done?

After I dropped the rental car off this morning I was without a car for awhile. Facing an unproductive day without a car I decided I'd just do the best I could.

I worked a full day. I could go into details but I'd rather just suggest I'm working on the death panels and leave it at that.

I managed lunch with The Owner. I made him pay for my free burrito. Ancho Chile w/ chicken. Black beans. Cheese and sour cream? Duh.

I shopped at two stores for some ear protection for The Boy 8. He's headed to monster trucks this weekend. Yay, indoor motor sports! I couldn't decide what form of protection is best without The Google so I stopped looking. I did however get him a personal carbon monoxide detector. I decided to forgo the upgrade to the one with the snooze button.

I went to the gym. Sort of. I walked 5 miles. I count this as a trip to the gym because it's more than just walking. Much of my time was spent on 41st Street. With it's 300 driveways in 2 miles and 30,000 cars a day there's a significant amount of mental concentration necessary. Add an iPod to the mix for sensory deprivation bonus points. It's like exercise only without the membership fee.

It's not all fun and games though. I do have parental responsibilities. I picked up The Boy 8 from piano lessons. I got my quality time in right after that as we walked to the bus stop squashing snow chunks and break dancing on the ice. 40 minutes of nothing to do but just be. Seems pretty decent to me.


We rode the bus to The Engine Whisperer's place (more on him later) and picked up The Outback. It's been done since Friday - but seriously, I'd rather walk.

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