Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Coffeeneuring Challenge #3 | Coffea Downtown | October 13

First off - I needed to alter the schedule for the coming weekend.

Sunday October 12 at 9am we're riding from Black Sheep Coffee. (clicky details)

Monday October 13 at 9am we're riding from Coffea Downtown.


Coffea Downtown is at the intersection of Phillips and 10th Street.

From Coffea Downtown we'll head east to tour what I think of the two neighborhood bridges in Sioux Falls. The 12th & 18th Street bridges span I-229 and connect east Sioux Falls with the city core WITHOUT the need to access a brigde that handles 30,000 vehicles a day.

These two bridges demonstrate how a city can remain connected to itself while still having the high speed interstate through it's center. Experience them and realize they are two of a kind built in an era with different values.

We'll also leave downtown via my favorite way in and out of downtown, the Beadle Greenway. Throw in a visit to McKennan Park as well.

The idea of the Coffeeneuring Challenge comes from the Chasing Mailboxes blog. See: The Fourth Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge.

My invitation to participate in the challenge with me is here: The Coffeeneuring Challenge

The ride from Coffea Downtown is 9.8 miles. To make your Challenge more challenging I encourage riding to the ride.

Here's is a link to a draft version of the route: Coffeeneuring #3 | Coffea Downtown:
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