Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sioux Falls Coffeeneuring #1: Dunn Bros

For the original Coffeeneuring idea visit the Chasing Mailboxes blog.

For my original Sioux Falls Coffeeneuring invite visit this post.


This morning I awoke motivated by the possibility of leading Sioux Falls' first Coffeeneuring ride.

The Boy 16 accompanied me as we departed at 8am ready for the hour long ride-to-the-ride. We shaved minutes by enjoying the lightish Sunday morning traffic for a bit on west 12th Street and later the moderate Sunday traffic for a stretch on east 6th Street.

Upon arrival, with 8 minutes to spare, I purchased a water and discovered a friend at the drive up window. I bought his beverage and decided this Coffeeneuring thing would be allright. (Hi Duane!)

Back in the parking lot two trusty urban riders had gathered - relieving me of the always nagging question, "what happens if you throw a party and nobody comes?"

We headed south around the Dawley Farms strip mall. Further south we went on the SD 100 sidepath. We're not thrilled about the sidepath experience but I think it's important to ride built facilities on occasion to remember why they don't always work.

Besides, you have to ride this path to experience the long pedestrian tunnel under SD100 into Harmodon Park. 

This spot is where I first heard the comment, I've never seen that before. My favorite thing about route selection. Taking people places in the city they've not been.

We played in the streets parallel to Sycamore for awhile and ultimately arrived at Rosa Parks Elementary. 

There is a nice asphalt path through a cornfield connecting the school to a neighborhood. The obvious question is, why didn't they do this for McGovern Middle School? I don't know the answer, but I do know this school has one.

From here we went mostly straight back to the meet spot with a short bit on Arrowhead Parkway.

At Dunn Brothers Coffee we sat around the fireplace and enjoyed warm beverages and roaming conversation. We also discovered our fifth participant. He'd arrived late and missed the loop portion of the day. We were happy he waited for us at the shop - and his long ride there qualified him as a Coffeeneur.

We departed as a group for the ride-from-the-ride and dudes peeled off along the way eventually leaving me and The Boy 16 on our own. The wind was picking up by the time we got home. As I type this I'm happy to be home not riding in it.

Next week: (note schedule switch)

Sunday Oct 12 Black Sheep
Monday Oct 13 Coffea - Downtown

To ride the loop meet at 9. Give a notification anytime before 9 and we'll wait for you.

Here's our route:

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