Saturday, August 01, 2015

Car Free BNA: Day 3

I got up early to ride the other, in-city direction on the Music City Bikeway. Construction, way-finding problems and time restraints made the ride not wholly satisfactory. But it counted.

After a 20 minute walk I settled in for 5 hours of performances by 18 acts. Highlights for me were the Ronnie Cole Trio, Ronny Cox and Blue Jupiter.

Ronny Cox is a good example of what I like about our artists. Remember Beverly Hills Cop, Total Recall, Deliverance? Well he can sing and write songs too. Community concert associations give people like this places to perform and entertain. Venues and audiences.

Here is a photo of the All-American Boys Chorus.

After another 20 minute walk I arrived at First Tennessee Park for Nashville Sounds/Iowa Cubs baseball. I fullfilled my BBQ goal here as well with some ballpark brisket.

And...both Iowa and Chicago CUBS WIN!

I grabbed a Nashville B-cycle outside the park and rode it (night ride!) the 2 miles back to my lodging. This route I providentially practiced on the morning's ride. Upon arrival I observed Eric Church remained in residency at the Ascend Amplitheater.

My lodging. Not a nighttime photo. The smokestack makes me wonder what's in the basement.

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