Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Taco Ride: A Ride for Tacos

The first, the premiere, the initial, the beginning of what could be a beautiful thing. A Taco Ride. It's a ride with the end point being a place where tacos are consumed. Good tacos, made by people who care about the sort of impression they give when they serve tacos. Tacos served in a way that respects and expresses the important history of tacos. Tacos from people whose very livelihood depends upon serving excellent tacos.

Any questions?

On August 20 at 6:30pm a bunch of people from a bunch of different rider groups including The MinusCar Project will meet at Riverdale Park. The ride will take an hour to find its way to Nikki's Burrito Express for...tacos.

Need I say it again. Ok. Tacos.

There's lots of good buzz about this ride. We're expecting a very strong rider showing. I think the people who like The MinusCar Project will like this ride.

Taco Ride. August 20. 6:30pm.

Please come.

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