Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Coffee Shop Ride: Next! 9/26

The next Saturday Coffee Shop Ride will be Saturday September 26. We'll depart at 9am from Dunn Brothers Coffee near the intersection of Arrowhead Parkway and Highline Ave. It's a long way out there so plan plenty of travel time.

Here is a link to the general expectations of the Saturday Coffee Shop Rides. Faster riders may find the speed of this ride a bit mentally challenging. If you want to see the entirety of the Saturday Coffee Shop Ride posts follow this link.


I had a blast today. Partly because riding bikes is fun. Partly because I spent from 8am to 2:30pm on my bike or on bike related activities. Partly because the Pugsley has come back into my bike riding favor.

Today began with a ride into the foggy sunrise with riding buddy Clint.

By the time we reached the starting place for the Saturday Coffee Shop Ride I could see the front of his back.

Clint and I departed Black Sheep Coffee on schedule and when I held up my phone for a bike riding selfie I discovered we were being followed! Gasp. So I took a picture of them in case they were up to no good.

I decided on the way to the ride to alter our route so that we could see this giant pin cushion.

This watertower is soon going to be painted. Part of the external structure is for scaffolding as seen demonstrated in the photo. Not demonstrated and on the ground is a giant cover that will be pulled up to conceal the tower while it's being painted. I assume this protects neighboring homes from turning blue however I HOPE that they'll secretly paint something revolutionary.

Back in the good old days this water tower had a pentagram and RUSH painted on it. There was also an ostensibly abandoned garage nearby where I assumed satanic rituals took place. I've grown up a lot since then.

I suppose it's just as likely to be turned into a giant statue of T Denny Sanford.

Along the way I was able to line up the riders for a group photo. Isn't that a fine looking bunch? I think so!

After 10 miles we returned to Black Sheep Coffee where I ordered a cup of coffee and drew the interest of a giraffe, tiger and a dalmatian. The tiger had bloody paws and teeth which I thought would maybe cause the nearby and rather pristine lion to take exception. Nevertheless the giraffe, being tall enough to actually reach the coffee was my only real source of concern.

Upon our second departure of Black Sheep Coffee there remained a smaller group of rather stalwart pursuers. Turns out they got wind of the possibility of tacos.

Our next order of business was to pre-ride the route for the September 17th Taco Ride. We arrived at Sertoma Park and in short order were on our wandering, mis-directed, round-about way to the Louise Ave Puerta Vallarta. Where we indeed enjoyed lunch.

Seriously, the Taco Ride. September 17th. From Sertoma Park. 6pm departure. 8 mile tour of the city then a taco bar at the Louise Ave Puerta Vallarta. If I'm reading the Facebook event page correctly I believe it says there are rumors that the taco bar is compliments of the Taco Ride. Keep that quiet though. If word gets out we might have 100 riders. Everybody knows 100 RIDERS WOULD BE...


We closed the Taco Ride loop back at Sertoma Park before heading off on the long way home. Clint and I ended a very satisfying day with 40 FAT miles.

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