Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy St Patty's Day, Bike Day

Missing: muse

After riding a geared bike for a number of days, THIS day started with a very long and slow ride to work. Long because recent snowfall has again closed my preferred route to work. Slow because I rode the single speed which takes about 6mph off my average speed. Alas, it still has studded tires, and winter wants everyone to know that it isn’t finished yet.

I left work a little early and headed downtown to join about 15 other cyclists in the annual parade ‘o the day. Three of the participants were under 9 years old (a 4 year old rode it on training wheels). Two participants took their first ever tandem ride. They’re experts now after all that starting and stopping.

Post parade I hooked up with The Owner for a traditional plate full of enchiladas. The Uncle should know that I had a broccoli/cheese ‘lada in his honor.

The sun set as I returned home.

I verified the impassibility of my favored route to work by marching a couple hundred yards through snow.

Toward the end of the ride I found myself in a position to get run over by a mother of a friend/classmate of The Boy 8. As she approached an intersection she looked my direction and didn’t see me. As she rolled to a stop she was looking the other direction, at this point I had the back of her head lit with my helmet light. As she started to depart her stop sign she made one final look to her left and found herself in pretty close quarters with me and my light. How would that be? Getting run over by someone I know.


Anonymous said...

A couple of rules I've made in my life.
> Don't lend family members or good friends money that you can't live with out.
> Never employ a family member or good friend.
> Never go into business w/ a family member or good friend.
> Never get hit by a car that is driven by a family member or good friend.

Write them down...they are rules to live by.

Eric A. said...

I hope the 'lada was good.
Thanks !!!