Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Report: February 27-March 5

Trips -
MinusCar: 6
Multi-occupant Auto: 8
Single occupant Auto: 6

It’s warming up a little and getting easier to do some extra trips by bike. I rode to work four days this week. Half of my single occupant trips were on the day I didn’t ride.

My Car Miles: 47
My Bike Miles/Hours: 71.6/5.2

I rode to work four days this week. One of the days I made three stops on the way home including the craft store and grocery store for den meeting supplies. I’m starting to think about the day I can get The Boys back to riding bikes and trailers.

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SiouxGeonz said...

Now I'm wondering how many blogs link to that Sojo article :-)

I've worked my way up to 4 days a week and sometimes five ... my philosophy is "if the weather will be worse tomorrow, ride today."

I'm at 850 miles for the bike this year, 260 for the car; my personal ambition being to have more miles on the bikes than the car this year. Since I got the Xtracycle it hasn't seemed like a strange idea at all.