Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sea Otter Classic - "Climate Neutral"

I still like the good news better.

When I look at all the vehicles following the big races, and all the miles driven during multi-day tours I end up thinking about the disconnect.

My favorite way to think about the North American Solar Car Challenge that rolled through my town last summer is the image of a solar car being led by an SUV and followed by two SUV's.

So it comes as very happy news that the big spring race in California known as the Sea Otter Classic is partnering with Clif Bar to make this year's edition "Climate Neutral." From - "All told, Clif Bar and Sea Otter will offset nearly 748 tons of carbon dioxide."

I've offset my own CO2 emissions in the same way by purchasing tags here.


3/30 10pm - maybe 3am is a bit early in the day to be reading news. I'm pretty sure was reporting this story, but here 19 hours later the story is gone. Poof...or should I say evaporated?

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