Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Report: March 6-12

Trips -
MinusCar: 8
Multi-occupant Auto: 8
Single occupant Auto: 4

This was a pretty good week. Not great, but good. It started off really well; I was riding the long way to work and the long way from work. By the weekend I became more auto dependent.

One day this week while I was walking to fetch some lunch I was reflecting on The MinusCar Project and these “trip” numbers that I post every week. I’ve been pretty disappointed with my attitude and the results for a number of weeks now. I’m very anxious to get beyond winter and start getting some real miles in.

On this walk to lunch I came to the realization that I (and my team) have been regularly participating in a MinusCar thing without fully realizing it. This particular day I was going on a KFC Snacker run for 5 teammates and it occurred to me how nice it would be if I could count this trip as 5 MinusCar trips. My favorite part of this is that it is a regular occurrence within the team that one person will fetch lunch for one or two others.

My Car Miles: 25
My Bike Miles/Hours: 78.5/5.4

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Eric A. said...

I saw your car at the Bus changeover area.
How's the snow treating you?