Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let’s Be Conservative: Family Values II

Showing up in the aggregator at South Dakota War College with a post title like this one sort of reminds me of the time I put the words gay sex in a front page post. I got lots of hits from an audience that doesn’t normally visit. Welcome to the show Dakota War College readers.

When I listened to the Focus on the Family radio show “Bringing Up Boys” I heard Dr Dobson list off a handful of key times during the day that a father should be present. One of them is bedtime. It’s true in my home that some of the landmark family moments have come when The Boy 8 offers up one final thought or question before he sleeps.

The show suggests being present at these key times provides the biggest results for the time invested. The bigger point he’d like to make is that investing time in kids at all is a very large part of being a better parent.

Talking about time sure makes people nervous though. Our days are packed getting stuff done. The mention of just one more hour a day doing something I don’t normally do makes me tense. Actually, I think it makes some of my friends tense too. It seemed like Dr Dobson realized it too when he admitted that finding the time to do these things is very difficult, but if it’s important to people they will find the time.

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(…to be continued…)

If you want the show it’s available from the Focus on the Family website for $9 or something. Give them a little extra while you’re at it.

The MinusCar Project – where the t-shirts are free and don’t cost much either.

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