Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Report: December 25 – 31

Trips -
MinusCar: 4
Multi-occupant Auto: 9
Single occupant Auto: 2
Destinations: 30

Is the holiday season behind us? Can I get out of the car and back onto the bike now? This is the last report of the year. It’s sorta neat how the year ended all nice and tidy-like on a Sunday.

My Car Miles: 24
My Bike Miles: 36

I still managed more bike miles than my-car miles, but not by much. My car crossed the 3,000 mile mark this week too. That’s 3,000 miles since May 2005. It’s time for an oil change and to re-introduce myself to my mechanic…which means…wait for it…driving the car for the sake of maintaining the car. Wheee…I hate that.

I was doing some yearly comparisons this week. I was surprised to see how much gas I’d purchased this year, and found it sad that on the way to New Year’s Eve events I had to fill up my tank to get me through the year. Add 15 more gallons to the year even though I only needed 1 or 2.


Anonymous said...

If you learn to change your own oil you will not only be able to do it at home but you will save some money. All you need is some ramps or a car jack and stands, wrench for oilpan bolt and a filter wrench. Even if you had to buy them all new you could get these items for under $100. The better way is a yard sale. I enjoy your website. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Why are you changing your car's engine oil every 3000 miles? That is a waste!! I enjoy your blog and read it often.

mytzpyk said...

Thank you both for the kind words. I appreciate them. For car maintenance, it's been 18 months, it's time for a bit more than an oil change.

As for 3,000 miles, yes, I see you pointing at the myth of the necessity of the 3,000 oil change. However, I'm well beyond the other myth of the 3 month change.

kj - the whole do it yourself idea. I hear you. It totally reminds me of a conversation I had with snakebite once. He corrected my thinking and I rode my bike to pick up a part to fix my car. Thank you.

I get locked into a certain way of thinking about my car. Funny how this way of thinking becomes a habit and therefore hard to break.

Woodog said...

3000 miles in a year and a half. That's inspiring!


Snakebite said...

Guess what? I need a part for my vehicle. Guess how I'm going to get it? Bike, of course! I love it! I remember the conversation you're refering to. Damn cars.