Monday, January 15, 2007

Report: January 8-14

A longtime MinusCar reader saw behind the curtain today. In a comment attached to the Elsewhere On The Internets post Commenter BigSUV reveals what heretofore had been secret. I draw attention to it because readers really need to know that they’re “missing out on the good life by not using [their] car.”

It might be coincidence, but if not, I think it’s significant that the BigSUV moniker is strikingly similar to the moniker assumed by occasional commenter bigH. Perhaps BigSUV was impressed with bigH’s 2005/2006 mileage comparisons which can be found in the Rear In Yer View post. 2006 saw 775 less car miles and 999 more bike miles.

Interesting that bigH keeps data like that. Perhaps we’re related in some mysterious way.

Trips -
MinusCar: 5
Multi-occupant Auto: 9
Single occupant Auto: 4
Destinations: 31

I’m going to say again that part of the low MinusCar trip count is actually a function of fewer trips out for lunch.

My Car Miles: 16
My Bike Miles: 22

I’m always glad in January that I made the bus part of The MinusCar Project. That way, even though my ratio of MinusCar trips to Auto trips is bad, I still bike more miles than drive my car.

MinusCar word of the day: moniker.


Snakebite said...

The post you're refering to has 19 comments (even though some are admittedly yours)! It looks like you've posted something CONTROVERSIAL. Wooo hoooo! Welcome to the club! Remind me to teach you the secret handshake! I almost forgot - "moniker." ;-)

Eric A. said...

I bet that bus pass comes in handy and is a godsend when the it gets below zero. More power to you!