Friday, May 04, 2007

More "It"

I wonder how far into the loan process it would take them to realize I'm the motor of the bike. I wonder if the process would end then.



SD_pedalpower said...

What's this? A custom paint job for a new bike you have being built or the start of a production version of a (-) bike for the masses?

mytzpyk said...

the former.

Jim Thill said...

Three years ago I got some promotion in the mail from my credit union. They were offering "vehicle loans" at a competitive interest rate. It just so happened that I was also in the market to buy a Rivendell Atlantis with fancy parts. So I called the C.U. to apply for a $3000 loan.

I told the woman on the other end of the line that it was for a bicycle, not wanting to use a more ambiguous word like "bike". She kept asking if the loan was for a motorcycle, and I kept responding that I wanted $3000 to buy a bicycle. It went on that way for quite awhile. She simply couldn't comprehend that anyone would spend that kind of loot on something without a motor. She was sure I was mistaken in my understanding of the differences between bicycle and motorcycle.

Ultimately, I didn't get a vehicle loan because a bicycle is not a vehicle, and I had to settle for a loan with a somewhat higher interest rate.