Monday, August 27, 2007

Allergic To School

If you've been reading this for a long time you know that The Family occasionally deals with food allergies. If you're a new reader, why? I haven't posted for a week! How could you be a new reader?

If you figure with a name like The Boy 5 that he may have started kindergarten last week, you'd be correct. If you cared you might be inclined to ask, "how's that going?" The highlight of this week so far (yeah, it's Monday) is he read a book to his class. (It's the wife's fault, she's the smart one.)

The highlight of last week was his first special diet school lunch. At work I watched the clock pass 11:30 and breathed some relief as it appeared that all the hard work and coordination paid off. 10 minutes later the phone was ringing and he's in the office throwing up, swollen eye, and some hives.

That made for one inspired bicycle commute from work to school.

Coincidentally The Local Daily published an article Friday (and more Saturday) that some local schools have banned peanuts. Their website includes a forum for every article. There's plenty of "the needs of the few spoiling it for the many" sentiment.

And it's possible I couldn't suppress the urge to join in the fray. I actually got zinged pretty good after round one - so if you're inclined to see me get zinged...

So, my internet minutes are getting used up over there right now.


(I don't have a good excuse for Tuesday through Friday.)

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bikingbrady said...

Wow...I think I'll stay to the bike threads. Much less fighting over there.

My prayers go out to your boy. As the father of three I'm blessed with NKA at this point and can't imagine the hell you have to go through planning every thing he eats.