Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Thumb Hurts!

This morning I loaded up The BOB Trailer and headed for the FAB Coffee Doughnut ride.

Two weeks ago we had a record 10 for the ride. Today we had a record 3. I questioned the FAB Ride Director about the scheduling of a weekly Saturday morning road ride at the same time. “If that’s the ride they prefer, then that’s the ride they prefer.” There he goes, giving people what they want. Sheesh.

I, Mr Bite and KW headed for The Farmer’s Market. I was pulling t-shirts for 30 people with hopes of getting in some post-ride delivery. Later Michelle’s was the eatery of choice where full orders of biscuits and gravy were thoroughly enjoyed while one of Sioux Falls' most prolific songwriters regaled us with tales of Friday night's observation of street level plate glass window shattering hand-to-hand combatting.

Here we were joined by The Snakebite SO and, with no need to return to the place of ride origin (FAB rollers ride to the ride), turned the ride into a t-shirt delivery ride. For the next three hours we enjoyed last night’s cigarette smoke and mixed drinks (Coke and water) at Ken’s Northside Country Club (it used to be a bar), visited The LBS and The Owner prior to lunch at the Hy-Vee Super buffet…and stopped at 21 residences in central and eastern SF to deliver FABRAD t-shirts to participants.

35 miles later I had an empty trailer, some decent conversations with deliverees and I didn't know why my thumb hurt.

Want to know how to visit 21 residences by bike in the most efficient manner possible? Make a dot-to-dot with The Google Earth.

I am geek boy.

Later I opened The Parents screen door and instantly remembered why my thumb hurt. Residence #15’s thumb pusher latch actuator failed to budge when I attempted to open the door. I didn’t realize at the time that I had sprained my thumb. I’ll send the x-ray charges to FAB and the doctor's bill to the residence. (Just kidding resident #15.)

I’m halfway done with local shirt delivery…if anybody else wants to go riding.

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SD_pedalpower said...

Sorry I missed the donut and deliveries. Work thing. Let me know the next time you go out to disperse or want to delegate. My Sunday is open. Call me if you want to unload some.