Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday Commute

The old guy in the grocery store thinks I make pretty good time on the bicycle. Apparently he passed me on the way and by the time he came across me in produce I’d already bagged two apple fritters, my chai tea latte was poured and I was looking for my daily dose of local veggies.

The one who poured the latte – she’s intrigued…or just practicing good customer service. What do you do if it rains? I get wet.

The woman at the register wanted to know if I'd ever done RAGBRAI. Once. She's from Rock Rapids, boy that's a crazy ride! I asked her to try to remember the 9950 people just like her who were standing there gawking at the 50 making it crazy.

A co-worker passed me on the road. She said she knew honking hello wasn’t a good idea. She said she was a little uncomfortable passing me on the bridge. I said she could have waited behind me (there’s a pinch point that’s maybe a 100 ft long). She said she wasn’t THAT uncomfortable.

When I got home I attched The Boy dragger and rolled empty, also pulling an empty bike for the other The Boy...and we all rode home from school together.

These are what some people call inconveniences.



SD_pedalpower said...

I realized something this morning on my commute. I get to work earlier when I ride my bike than when I drive to work and I feel more awake.

People should get a bonus from their workplace for riding their bike to work don't ya think?

this single spark said...

"What do you do when it rains? I get wet." Brilliant, brilliant answer! Hope you don't mind it I use it. That question has always confounded me. Usually I just reply, "Um..."

mytzpyk said...

I am at your service.