Monday, November 03, 2008

Fill 'er Up x6

I claim last year I filled up The MinusCar 7 times. I suppose the truth is I didn't really count all that carefully, but really, it's not like I make this stuff up. Here I am, 59 or so days left of 2008. Snow's coming, maybe as early as this weekend's coffee & doughnut run.

I've filled up 6 times this year.

Looks like I go roughly 40 days between fills, except for the summer's 62 day streak. I'm 59 days into my current almost empty tank. Once I do fill I'll need one more above average performance, only this time the weather doesn't figure to be so kind.

Makes me wish I could redo the month of February. I'm almost positive that big car mileage month was a matter of the cold driving down motivation.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes fill up the MonsterVan more than six times a month!
February sucks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I now feel like such a slacker... not only in ridden miles, but also in data recording.

SD_pedalpower said...

I don't keep track but if I were to guess I would say I filler 'er up about every 4-5 weeks. I could do better, I will do better.

Snakebite said...

So what are you saying, you've got gas?!?

DIRK said...

I am just happy to not be filling a giant truck anymore. That was one really expensive toy.
I still drive way more than you may want to know, but at least it's not at 11 MPG now.
I started to ride my bike to the bowling alley enough that it is not a surprise to anyone there when I come in with my bike.