Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Planning Hatches

The MinusCar Project was in full effect last week.

Bike miles - 81.9
Car miles - 26
Week's average high temperature - 36F

Wednesday was a particularly good day. 30 miles.

Meeting #1 - Metropolitan Planning Organization Citizen Advisory Committee - all in favor, "I". I learned about The City's pavement management program and watched a very familiar video about the new city bicycle facilities.

Meeting #2 - Museum of Visual Materials - are we still friends? Is Bike To Work Day 2009 still on your calendar? Can we start meeting in January? Affirmative. I can almost taste the pancakes.

Meeting #3 - well I ain't riding downtown at dinner time without stopping at Mama's Ladas and enjoying some of Mama's Ladas. It was a meeting with destiny.

Meeting #4 - Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle Planning Meeting - I'm not sure what's more important, developing a plan to connect all the nearby communities via on-street and off-street bicycle facilities or sitting in a room for a couple hours with planning administrators from all the nearby communities plus federal and state highway admins.

Friday - time off work for good behavior. Took the long route to the less than local multiplex and enjoyed a portion of Quantum of Solace before work decided my behavior hasn't really been all that good.

Saturday #1 - non bicycle related meeting that featured two riders even though there was an inch of fresh snow on the ground. I call the other rider The Dad, and I enjoyed accompanying him back home.

Saturday #2 - rolled into the annual lighting of The Falls event with three other well lit riders. Woot!

Sunday - how about some urban singletrack? Met with 10 guys tired of driving 40 minutes to ride on a poor crushed asphalt excuse for off-road dirt.

Get that? Reduce driving miles? Have a place to ride that's fun? Add value to the local cycling community? Plan stuff? Sounds like a job for - The MinusCar Project. I'm in. Engage. A plan is hatching.

If I don't see you before Thanksgiving I won't see you till December.

Ride your bike, drink some coffee, then ride your other bike.


Snakebite said...

"Ride your bike, drink some coffee, then ride your other bike."


db said...

Ride-drink-ride: That's pretty much my everyday routine. You know, with a few pointless job-related tasks thrown in.

Eric A. said...

Were those your tire tracks left in the snow down the spiral, by the bridge, across from SeTI ?

mytzpyk said...

Eric - noap.