Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dress Rehearsal Today! So Far So Good.

Both boys wanted mom to take them today. She agreed, and it was time to test the plan. It was too late to bike to catch the bus, and it was nice not to have to deal with the additional complexity of bringing the bike along for my first ride ever. I wonder if I’ll ever get off the bus and leave my bike attached; sort of like leaving a purse, eh? I’m at work, my car sits across town in a park, and I’ve completed my first bus ride.

Some observations:

It was the driver and I to the end of the line. I was attentively marking time points as we proceeded along the route. I felt like she was my trainee and I was evaluating her timing. I felt stupid for much of the time, thank you very much.

It was hot; like the air conditioner wasn’t on…or maybe I was nervous and/or uncomfortable.

The bus was 10 minutes behind my estimates. I had all but given up on taking the bus figuring I was late and missed the catch. I was returning to my car just as it came into view up the road. Then I was a bit worried I’d be late for my downtown transfer. As we were approaching downtown the driver put me at ease by well, speaking to me, and then by asking if I was catching another bus. It turned out the bus I was on would be the one I’d be catching.

At the downtown stop we picked up four passengers. It was apparent that rapport develops between the regular riders and the drivers. One passenger relayed some missed radio instructions while driver was off the bus. A walking cane fell to the floor and the passenger assured driver that the bus wasn’t falling apart, it was just a cane. I think also that some of the passengers had called “same seats” yesterday. There was 5 of us on a bus that seats maybe 40, and one lady sat right next to me. It made me wonder if I was actually in the seat she’d rather be in.

So here it is, I’m jumping into bus culture with both feet. For lunch I’m going to my local bike shop for some items…including a nice lock to aid in the MinusCar Project. I won’t be able to hang out and chat for as long as I usually do because you know, I’ve got a bus to catch. The items are already purchased and behind the counter though so that will simplify things. I’ll probably have the bus drop me at KFC for some Snackers (love the snackers) and then I’ll walk back to work.

And then there’s the ride home. If something goes wrong there I’ll be late to pick up at daycare…stay tuned.

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Mr. Gruber said...

Congrats on this little experiment. I am excited to see how it goes.