Saturday, May 28, 2005

Weekends Will Be Hard

Saturday’s transportation needs were heavy and family oriented. Our first trip we turned into four stops. One of the stops included the purchase of two new pairs of shoes for me. These shoes I will leave in a box at work so that I can avoid carrying them back and forth. Shoes suck to carry, they weigh a lot, and take up lots of space in the backpack.

The second trip was 90 miles south of here for a wedding. We made some efforts into combining the trip with other family members but in the end we didn’t.

I was able to take some time Saturday to attach the trail-a-bike to my bike, and the trailer to the trail-a-bike. If you don’t know what these things are it’s easier if you think of a truck pulling a camper pulling a boat. I’d seen this done before but haven’t ever been very comfortable with the concept. We all took an uneventful ride around the block. This will be the way I transport the boys to and/or from daycare when necessary. Maybe by the end of the summer The Boy will ride his own bike to/from daycare accompanied by me, but we’ve got a lot of road practicing to do before then.

The road trip soundtrack was: Third Floor Project – Chapter One and Wallflowers – Bleach.

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nimbleboy said...

So can you carry the water jugs in the trailer?