Tuesday, May 31, 2005

KT - He Lives Here Now

My friend Kevin used to live here. He’s been gone for 9 years. My friend Kevin moved back here this weekend. My friend Kevin has been my friend Kevin for roughly 25 years. My friend Kevin lives here now. These are very happy days for me.

Because of my friend Kevin moving here I became one car in a three single occupant vehicle caravan to MLPS. The leader was KT in a truck that wouldn’t rent one-way. They drove that here Saturday and needed to return it Sunday. The truck wasn’t big enough for everything, so they borrowed a truck from a friend and needed to return it Sunday too. Because they couldn’t fit everything in the vehicles they had, it was necessary to load the remaining items in two vehicles and return home. After 17 hours the adventure was complete. We knew it was going to be a long day after we stopped for breakfast at McDonalds on the way out of town and ended up with Burger King breakfast 45 minutes later.

My vehicle was a Honda Pilot with 18,000 miles on it. I don’t drive cars that new, and I don’t drive SUV’s either. Nice car. Much faster than I would have guessed. And it’s got a nice stereo.

Road trip Soundtrack: Autopilot Off, Pop Will Eat Itself, (hed) pe, Hoobastank, Ratt, Simple Plan, Snoop Dogg, Something Corporate, Ying Yang Twins.

A highlight of the trip: the guy riding a bicycle on Highway 169 between Mankato and the cities, a place I’d never ride. Full camouflage.

I didn’t mention that part of the happiness of these days, is that their house is about 1 mile away. That’s about 5 minutes on the single speed bicycle. I made the trip by bicycle twice this weekend. I’ve never arrived at a place and had people say, “oh, drove the car over today, eh?” ‘Nuff said…and to KT and his extended family, if you read this, Dos Dedos Mi Amigos.

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nimbleboy said...

I think the TC miss KT already...