Friday, November 04, 2005

Habits Form...Lessons Taught

It's hard to account for everything, which is why rules for safety matter. Here’s a rule: don’t pass on the right. Like good art, if you learn the rules well, then you’ll be able to find the best ways to break them.

At red light intersections, when I intend to turn right, and traffic is backed up, and the lead car is blocking the way for any other cars that would otherwise turn right, I (with varying levels of caution) can’t resist passing on the right and making my turn.

This morning I did that. This morning at a red light I passed a single vehicle on the right. This morning the passenger door of that vehicle opened. This morning I was lucky, there was no contact. This morning, if someone was trying to teach me a lesson, I learned it. This situation is written here as collision #3, the part that applies specifically is in the final paragraph.

In other hot car bike action, Wednesday while I was getting right hooked in the northern plains, Fatty was getting right hooked in the northwest. He didn’t come out quite as lucky as I did. Go here to read his story. I think the conversation in the comments has high potential to be very interesting too.


Anonymous said...

I can open both my doors at once. All I have to do is unhook the bungee cord.

Anonymous said...

This last Saturday I was the victim in a right hook pt. 2. Knocked me down, put a nice bingle on my elbow and broke my chain to boot. Must be the season, eh?

Anonymous said...

I'll take filtering on the left any day (given there are two lanes) since the chances of the driver jumping out are much less. That being said, its always a gamble. Use their side view mirrors to try and predict their intentions.

mytzpyk said...

ggdub: do you filter forward like that even if you are turning right?

While filtering and the light turns green I can see merging back into the line of cars and then fading from left to right to make the turn. This seems like it might cause more driver frustration than merging from the right and staying right.

While filtering and the light stays red, do you then cross in front of the lead car to make the right turn?

I'm curious.

Anonymous said...

Take your lane and own it like you're an SUV. In my case my size might actually dwarf some SUVs.