Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two Days Two Rides

Monday was a quintessential MinusCar day. I needed to swap some boxes of fundraising popcorn with the Cubmaster at his home. These boxes too bulky to carry in the bag. His home is a block off the route The Wife often travels to and from work.

In the morning I loaded her car with the popcorn. For lunch we met in her work parking lot. I put the bike on top of the car and traveled with her to make the swap. After that I pulled the bike off and she continued home. I went for a lunchtime ride.

As I arrived at The Namesake I realized that the day was exceptionally gorgeous. I pulled out the camera and fumbled my way around the granite with my cleated bike shoes. The cool temperature was messing with the camera battery so I wasn’t able to take all the pictures I saw but here’s one:

Tuesday I had to stay at work late. Staying late and having an evening meeting already scheduled meant calling home and being written off for supper. THAT gave me a few extra minutes to ride IF I got the work done.

I got the work done.

It was completely dark when I departed work. I headed to the local bike path where I enjoyed my ride while chasing rabbits with the helmet mounted light, and seeing all the little critters eyes reflect back to me. Blink, blink. I love night riding. I made it just in time to the meeting. I attended in full bike regalia; no doubt smelling of sweat and the outdoors.

50 miles in two days. In November.

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