Wednesday, November 30, 2005

No. No. Yes

People kept asking…”did you ride your bike today?” Monday I answered no. Tuesday I could say I’d probably ride Wednesday. By the end of Tuesday I had turned the question around and started asking people how they got to work. This brought out a few not necessarily happy responses. I'm musing heavily on that today. I think it has a lot to do with what's normal and who gets to decide what normal is. Turning the question seems to turn normal around too, which is um...not normal.

I have a friend who says normal is a setting on your dryer.

Wednesday morning I rode to work:

My 35 minute ride was 55 minutes.

I walked through some of the deeper stuff.

I can understand drivers not knowing about yielding to the right in uncontrolled intersections. “Yield the right of waaaayyy…let’s see, that for the one with the smaller vehicle, right?” I can’t understand the thinking behind not bringing your Red Durango to a stop when it becomes clear that if you continue your current trajectory you’ll run over a person. I stopped when she clearly demonstrated her willingness to run over me was greater than my desire to be run over

I think I’m going to need a lighter gear on the winter single speed.

A new temp guy at work, he just started, saw me near shopping central. At that point he’s thinking “look, crazy guy.” Imagine his surprise when, 30 minutes later, he’s out shoveling snow and I arrive. "Yes, that was me. Yes, it's exercise, I'm not so sure I'd call it good exercise."

I wasn't the only set of bike tracks on out there. I didn't see Full Face Helmet Guy, but I hoped some of the tracks were his.

Work closed early again today. It snowed. I caught a ride with The Wife. The YakRack locks were frozen. The snowy bike went in the car. The snowy parts melted. Bummer.

I’m not riding tomorrow.

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