Thursday, December 01, 2005

Red Lights/Red Mist

There's plenty of discussion about cyclists riding through red lights. I don't know of any surveys of cyclist caused driver irritation, but I bet if there are any this is right close to the top.

I'd like to recognize red-light running as a vehicular problem, not specifically a cycling problem.

In this town there's an intersection monitored by infamous red-light cameras.

Through September of this year 4,571 citations have been issued at this intersection. In July alone (the high month) 33 citations a day were issued.

Red light running isn't just a cycling problem.

Coming soon: The MinusCar Project identifies which red lights he rides through, and further admits his secret desire to be cited for it.

(I'm lucky nobody reads this thing.)


Two Wheels at a time said...

I would say that I treat red lights like stop signs. I stop, look both ways, and then proceed if it is clear. It gives you the advantage of being on a bike and also keeps you safe.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about steeling.

FatChick said...

I must agree with pinkflash. If I'm at a busy intersection then by all means I'm going to follow the "rules of the road." But if there aren't any cars around, I'll treat it as a stop sign and proceed with caution. That's my two cents.
~ Fat Chick