Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Story and a Ride

Yesterday I parked and bussed. I didn’t do the usual park/bus because I was going to be out past the closing time of the park/bus parking lot. I have an alternate spot for days like these.

It was nice to see Eggs-n-bacon on his way for coffee as I was waiting for the bus. I met Daisy the dog and I think he subtly checked my interest in racing La Ruta De Los Conquistadores in Costa Rica; maybe in a different lifetime buddy.

There was another person waiting for the bus with me. He had a bike with him. I had a bike with me. I marveled at how unlikely it was that there’d be two bikes on a bus on a day with 0-degree temperatures. As it turned out he didn’t know he could bring his bike on the bus. I filled him in on the necessary hoops to jump through to get permission. He seemed pleased. He left his bike leaning against the bus stop bench. Unlocked. He thinks it’s so cold out that nobody will take it. I’ll pass on that idea, and I promise I won’t be the one taking your Wal-Mart-Mongoose.

After work I hooked up with a small group to ride and view some Christmas lights. We rode through two lit parks, one neighborhood with three organized displays, the fed mill that wouldn't lie down, and downtown. During the 90 minute ride the temp went from high teens to single digits. There was very little wind which turns a cold ride into a beautiful ride. We took a break in a public building to either warm up, or to make the rest of the ride really cold. I wasn’t sure which. A gear related discussion occurred where it was revealed that one of us had powered gloves and socks. That is tempting to me. The Owner’s bike was equipped with battery powered Christmas lights. I have GOT to get me some of that. The ride ended at The LBS for some hot chocolate and stories of stupid things we've done on bicycles. Some of the riders included 63-year-old riding phenom Larry, 24 Hours of Afton teammate The Tolly-lama, and a coworker that I've never previously enjoyed a ride with. Perfection.


Sasquatch said...

Here's directions to convert AC powered lights to DC power:

Seems relatively easy, although I haven't tried it. I might, but I'd use a 6V battery.

Two Wheels at a time said...

here are some battery powered christmas lights to buy for cheap. See you New Years Day.

Two Wheels at a time said...

Two Wheels at a time said...

third try