Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Report: December 12-18

Trips -
MinusCar: 9
Multi-occupant Auto: 7
Single occupant Auto: 7

I had a very nice MinusCar day on the 14th. First off in the morning I attended a board meeting for the local bike club. After that I walked to attend a pre-school Christmas program that included The Boy 3. That walk retraced the route I always took to elementary school, including going by the house I spent 10 years growing up in. From there I rode to work with a coworker who had his own the boy in the program.

My Car Miles: 63
My Bike Miles/Hours: 31/3

As the bike miles decrease and the car miles increase I’m become increasingly concerned with whether The MinusCar Project is accomplishing anything. Here are some key numbers and dates. You can decide.

225 car miles per week prior to the project.

November 28 – the blizzard that closed my shorter way to work and the onset of frigid temperatures.

November 13 – the onset of actual winter temperatures.

Average weekly Car/Bike Miles:
November 28-December 18 - 54/19
November 7-27 – 38/67
October 17-November 6 – 22/89

Morning Temperature Lowlights
12/17 – 9 degrees, wind W 12, windchill -7

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steve said...

I'd say every mile you ride your bike instead of taking the car is worth it, even if it's just a quick trip down to the store - after all, it's the short trips that are a real killer in terms of gas used and engine wear!