Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ride This Way

I finally did it. After a week off, I rode today.

On-bike temperature showed there was one degree out there. I'm happy to report I found it. I was near the park. It proved hard to hold on to because a short while later on-bike temperature showed zero. Then I started giving some back as on bike temperature dipped to MinusOne.

Full Face Helmet Guy rode today. There wasn't much track evidence that he'd been riding this whole time, but it seems unlikely to me we’d both choose today to start riding again.

On the big climb of the ride I recognized a co-worker as he drove by. When I got to work I told him it was awesome how he pressed down just a little bit on the Yukon accelerator and climbed the hill without a noticeable heart rate increase.

I saw The Owner too.

It’s been so long since I’d ridden I left the bike lock at home. I snuck the bike in the back door, found the sump pit, and parked the bike over it. Inside parking. Necessity is inventions mother!

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